The Stinging That Comes With Loss

by The Aurora Borealis Project

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This song written to my mother who passed just a short time ago
She eventually succumbed to Hepatitis that she got from a bad blood transfusion, back when there wasn't the new needle every time policies. I bring this up because i will make this song downloadable for free, but if you did want to spend money, a donation to would be a far better expenditure. Thanks for your time


"The Stinging that Comes With Loss"
Sometimes I have to stop
And wait for it to pass
The stinging that comes with loss
a brilliant flash
Just like lightning
In those moments I can recall everything
Not just who you became
But also who you were
And in that instant the pain really begins to stir
So I stop , bare my teeth
And wait for it to pass
Though escape was the goal set
And for intents and purposes it was always met
Each time I feel I've robbed my chance to grieve


released December 18, 2014
Special thanks to Drewsif Stalin and Justin Enriquez for their contributions musically and visually



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